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Southwest Airlines, one of the main domestic US carriers, is the largest low-cost airline in the world. Southwest, as it is more commonly known, operates in 121 U.S. cities as well as 10 other countries, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It broke the record for the nation's domestic passenger volume in 2018.

Southwest Airlines has a reputation for offering inexpensive airfares. Southwest is a well-liked passenger airline because of its great customer service and affordable costs. The airline offers its customers complimentary additional checked bags, complimentary flight changes, and courteous, knowledgeable staff as benefits.

Southwest Airlines Sale $69, $29, $39, and $49 Flight Deals

How about purchasing airplane tickets at such unbelievable discounts with such benefits? You can book your Southwest Airlines flights through TravoDealz for as little as USD 29!

Ranging from USD 29 to USD 69, you can save BIG on your flight tickets. This page advocates how you can avail of the offers and to which places can you travel with such deals.

Southwest Airlines Sale $69

Southwest Airlines offers a three-day $69 discount from Tuesday through Wednesday. Travelers may easily take advantage of it and purchase their tickets without worrying about their budget because it has been carefully crafted with their comfort in mind. This flash sale is a great option if you can't afford even the most economical flight! You won't have to worry about anything after that, so you can unwind and relish your trip!

However, the promotion is only valid for one-way journeys. In order to save money, you should book two flights if you want to receive cheap round-trip tickets.

Following are the destinations that you can avail yourself of $69 flights with Southwest Airlines:

  • Lubbock
  • Amarillo
  • Houston
  • Oklahoma City
  • Hobby
  • Austin

Southwest $59 flights

Akin to $69 flights, Southwest $59 flights are available for one-way trips only. You should be on the lookout for the sale going live on the Southwest website. The routes on which you can get $59 flights on Southwest are:

  • Las Vegas and Los Angeles
  • Long Beach and Las Vegas
  • Burbank and San Francisco
  • Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville
  • Las Vegas and Salt Lake City

Southwest $49 flights

By offering more and more discounts on their flash sale, Southwest helps by providing you with $49 flights on selected one-way routes. The routes on which you can avail of Southwest $49 flights are:

  • San Diego and Las Vegas
  • Baltimore and Providence
  • Phoenix and Las Vegas
  • Nashville and Atlanta
  • Chicago and Detroit

Southwest Airlines $29 flights

Southwest offers a four-day flash sale on Monday during which you can get as low as $29 flights on Southwest Airlines. It is mostly preferred as a “Wow” sale. This sale can be applicable for some international routes as well on some days. It’s better to contact the airline to know more about it. As of now, the routes on which you can attain Southwest Airlines $29 flights, for certain are:

  • Baltimore and New York
  • New Orleans and Houston
  • Palm Springs and Phoenix

Take advantage of the Southwest Airlines Sale for $69, $59, $49, and $29, by following these steps:

  • Check out the Southwest Airlines Low Fare calendar to determine the best dates. By looking at the calendar, you may find out when to purchase cheap Southwest Airlines tickets.
  • It is advisable that you compare prices with rival airlines before taking advantage of the Southwest Airlines Fare Sale. Finding flights on other airlines will generally match your current discount rate. You'll be able to get a plane ticket for the least expensive price thanks to this.
  • Some airlines charge a minimum of USD 30 for the first checked bag and USD 40 for the second. However, Southwest Airlines will let you check up to two bags for free.
  • Yes, you can save money by purchasing a one-way ticket. The sale benefits cannot be coupled with a round-trip. There will be a round-trip reservation and the purchase of two tickets. You may take advantage of special deals from Southwest Airlines for USD 69.
  • If you cancel a flight ticket that includes sale incentives, Southwest Airlines will almost probably issue a refund. Don't worry; you can apply the credit toward future Southwest Airlines flights.
  • Reach out to Southwest Airlines customer support at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) to learn more about the flash sale.

The Process to Book Southwest Airlines Flight Deals

To book your Southwest Airlines flight deals of $69, $59, $49, and $29, simply follow the steps in the guide given below:

  • Open, the official website, in your selected browser to start the procedure.
  • Click on the "Flight" tab in the homepage's upper-right section.
  • You must now select the “Low Fare Calendar” option available at the bottom section of the “Flight” tab.
  • Select the type of journey, one-way or round trip.
  • Select the origin and destination airport.
  • Select the departing month.
  • Select the number of people traveling.
  • Click the "Search" button now.
  • From the redirected page, choose the Southwest flights from the sale that best suit you.
  • To finish the booking, process the money for the flight reservation.

This should be noted that you can pay for the discounted flights with reward points as well. You can reach out to us whenever you want if you need any clarifications regarding the flight deals on Southwest.

How frequently can you get Southwest’s sales?

Southwest Airlines, which is recognized for its excellent specials and promos, is one of the best airlines to fly with. There is a lot of interest in the airline's annual and monthly fare reductions. June and October are typically Southwest Airlines' two busiest revenue months. These discounts from Southwest are also available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The airline also provides a variety of price breaks and incentives in an effort to make travel reservations for its customers enjoyable and affordable.

Before your scheduled departure date, utilize the Southwest Low Fare calendar to find the best flights and learn about the finest offers and discounts.

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